US made professional brass product


Solid Brass Safe / Vault Handle by Brooks-USA
Beefy and Beautiful Brass Safe / Vault Handle

This top quality handle is our answer to the beautiful safe with a gold plated, pot metal handle worn to ugly! The hub on left is 2.7" dia; each of the 5 spokes are 3/4"dia; OAL is approximately 11" across. An easy to install retrofit for standard size shaft (1/2" diameter).  Our customers have been very pleased! ...and it will never wear out!
Order #5SVH  $150.00



You are looking at THE top quality, solid brass, safe / vault handle that will last forever. This three spindle version is approximately 8" across; each of the 3 spokes are 5/8" dia. A fast and easy retrofit for all 1/2" shaft sizes. Requires one tool: a simple allen wrench! Make your safe beautiful again!

Order #3SVH  $70.00



Our single spoke, safe / vault handle. The hub is 1.5" dia; spoke is 5/8" dia; easy retrofit for all 1/2" shaft sizes. Dimensions are perfectly balanced. The more you use it, the more it shines. This handle is 1.125 pounds of solid brass--it will never wear out!
Order #1SVH  $35.00