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Fantastic fun! Order our M-BPFC Black Powder FireCracker Launcher by going to the firecracker cannon tab.

Choose your oak carriage color finish: natural, mahogany, flat green, flat black, red 



M-BPFC Black Powder FireCracker Launcher Cannon machined of solid brass with oak carriage


Santa will make someone smile with this 22 Caliber Blackpowder Coehorn Mortar! Available with sled on our Coehoen Mortar page (Use cart below, left for purchase of barrel only.)

Place your order here for our beautiful 22 Caliber Black Powder Coehorn Mortar without sled. This barrel is precision made of top quality extruded brass rod, lathe turned to an excellent finish; breech dia. is 3/4";  20 grains of ffg makes a sharp, loud report! #BPCM-220....$24.95