TheJuice! Coehorn Mortar / God Bless America!

"THE JUICE" awesome Coehorn style Mortar. . .  Massive and beautiful, 11" long, machined from 4 1/2"  diameter solid brass rod.  Another Brooks Golden Gun! AVAILABLE NOW!
Order #TJM11------------ $900.00 

The Competition Ron/Karen "THE JUICE"
"The Juice" Mortar BROOKS-USA
"The Juice" Mortar BROOKS-USA

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Subject:  Me & my morter
Date: Thu, October 17, 2013 1:09 pm

Hi ! Michael,
I finally got to shoot my morter   how sweet it is   50 gr.powder had sailed my can 85yds. (most of the guys are using 100-120gr.) big difference when you have better quality   plus I kicked everyones butt &took first place in our competion   I absolutely love it   thanks for doing such a great job on it.   what is the best solution to clean it   I've only used soap&water & I can see some black spots from the fuse area where it gets some heat   someone said brasso but I thought I'd check with you first.  If I get some more pics I will send you more.
Thanks again a very Happy Customer

Coehorn style GolfBall Mortar
GOLFBall!! Coehorn Mortar Black Powder Cannon Barrel. OUTSTANDING!! Made from top quality extruded brass rod. Overall length approx. 10", breech is a full 3 1/2" diameter; comes with 15/16" dia. trunions. Ready for you to mount on your own skid or purchase complete below!  IN STOCK READY TO SHIP  #0508------------$475.00

With solid oak utility skid as shown. (SKID BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

GolfBall II


GolfBallII  Coehorn Mortar Black Powder Cannon. Barrel made from top quality extruded brass rod. Overall length approx. 6", breech is full 3 1/2" diameter. Complete with 3/4" trunions. Currently by Special Order Only #0507------------$330.00

With solid oak utility skid as shown.  Available By Special Order Only #0507WS------------$475.00