US made professional brass product

32 POUNDER Black Powder Cannon Barrel Replica

A classic 69 caliber, 32 Pounder replica design. This 12 1/4" long barrel, machined from
2 1/4" dia. solid brass stock, is also known as "The Golden Gun".  Comes complete with
5/8" trunnions.   Barrel only, order #32PO69. . . $350.00 (utility base available).

Our 50 caliber, 32 Pounder replica design is an 11" long barrel, machined from
2" dia. solid brass stock, also known as "The Golden Gun".  Comes complete with
1/2" trunnions, built to 1/6th scale.   Buy barrel only and make your own bed or
purchase with oak utility carriage below.   Ready to go! Order #32PO. . . $275.00

Beautiful 50 caliber, 32 Pounder Brass Barrel, as noted above, with oak utility base. 

A turn-key option to ready your cannon salute!  Basic base, but well made, embellish

at a later date if you choose.  Order #32POwB. . .  $325.00