US made professional brass product

32 POUNDER Black Powder Cannon Barrel Replica by BROOKS

A classic 69 caliber, 32 Pounder replica design. This 12 1/4" long barrel, machined from
2 1/4" dia. solid brass stock, is also known as "The Golden Gun".  Complete with 5/8" 
trunnions.   Barrel only, order #32PO69. . . $350.00

Our 50 caliber, 32 Pounder replica design is an 11" long barrel, machined from
2" dia. solid brass stock, also known as "The Golden Gun".  Comes complete with
1/2" trunnions, built to 1/6th scale.   Buy barrel only and make your own bed or
purchase with oak utility carriage below.   Order Barrel  #32PO. . . $275.00

Beautiful 50 caliber, 32 Pounder Brass Barrel, as noted above, with oak utility base. 

A turn-key option to ready your cannon salute!  Basic base, but well made, embellish

at a later date if you choose.  Order #32POwB. . .  $325.00