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New! LOUD ! 50cal MOUNTAIN HOWITZER (barrel described below) complete with solid oak Utility Base and brass Trunnion Straps.  ITEM #0502wbws----$189.95

Brooks-USA Mountain Howitzer

MOUNTAIN HOWITZER, 50 Caliber Black Powder Cannon Barrel for signal / salute. Made from finest quality extruded brass rod. Breech is a full 1 1/2" diameter, overall length approx. 7 1/2". Complete with 1/2" diameter interference fit trunions. Barrel only. Ready for your carriage! Order ITEM #0502------------$129.98

Civil War Era MOUNTAIN HOWITZER 50 Caliber Black Powder Cannon Barrel. Made from top quality extruded brass rod. Overall length approx. 10 3/4", breech is full 1 1/2" diameter. Complete with 1/2" interference fit trunions. Ready for you to add your own carriage! Order #0504------------$149.00



We have added an AWESOME Civil War Era MOUNTAIN HOWITZER to our collection.  This beautiful  69 Caliber Black Powder Cannon Barrel is way BEEFY, weighing in at 12 1/2 pounds, it is approximately 13 3/4" long; breech is a full 2 1/4" diameter.  Ready for you to mount on your own carriage! Order #0506------------$295.00

Our 30 Caliber MOUNTAIN HOWITZER Black Powder Cannon Barrel is
an excellent choice for the person just getting started in the great hobby of black powder cannon.
Made from top quality extruded brass rod. Overall length approx. 6 1/2",  1 1/16" dia. at breech
Weighs 1 1/4#  Complete with 3/8"  trunnions.
Purchase barrel only here, ready for you to add to your own carriage.
30 cal Mountain Howitzer Barrel only  
Order ITEM #0501------------$88.95



30 cal Mountain Howitzer complete with Utility Base as shown and described below.

ITEM #0501wb------------$129.95



Utility Base w/Howitzer Top View

DO YOU HAVE A BARREL THAT YOU WANT TO FIRE, but don't have a carriage or skid to secure it on? Consider our line of UTILITY bases. Made of solid oak, protected with tung oil, our signature mahogany stain, or ready to finish. Take your time adding hardware, embellishments, if you wish. Option One shown with a 30 cal Howitzer: OAL approx 5", 2 3/4" high, open width between cheeks 1 3/16", complete with 3/8" trunnion slots. Email your request for other styles and sizes. UTILITY BASE ONLY ITEM #UBH30------------$45.95

Option Two: UTILITY BASE only, measures approx 6 1/2" OAL, 3 1/2" high, 3" wide, 1 1/2" open cheek to cheek, 1/2" trunnion slots. Designed for our 50 cal Mountain Howitzer ITEM #UBH50------------$54.95

Option Three: UTILITY BASE only,  designed to accommodate our 50 cal extended length (#0504) naval barrels ITEM #UBH50E------------$59.95

Option Four: UTILITY BASE only,  designed to accommodate our 69 cal naval barrels ITEM #UBH69------------$69.95