US made professional brass product

SAMCC 32 Pounder Black Powder Replica Cannon

Namesake of the South African Miniature Cannon Club, this beautiful  SAMCC

32 Pounder Barrel is machined from  2" solid brass rod. Approximately 11" long,

with 50 cal bore and 1/2" diameter trunnions.  Buy barrel only here or purchase

below with oak utility carriage option.                SAMCC50. . . $325.00

IMPORTANT UPDATE!: Colin Hamilinton, the Cannonmiester of the South African Miniature

Cannon Club, has inspected, tested and approved the Brooks-USA SAMCC cannon for use

in SAMCC competitions. 

     Check it out on this youtube video:

SAMCC 32 Pounder as above, complete with oak utility carriage   (View  example

utility carriage on Howitzer/Utility Carriage page)    SAMCC50wB .  .  .  $375.00


SAMCC Target Barrel Available Soon!
Original Brooks SAMCC and Introducing the new SAMCC TARGET Cannon!


For those of you who would like to build your own carriage, Douglas Dickens,

our American expert on this famed barrel and Global Moderator for THE Black

Powder Mortar and Cannon Forum at Graybeard Outdoors, has kindly provided

an excellent tutorial.  He meticulously outlines his step-by-step building of a replica

carriage for his SAMCC barrel at the following link --  Enjoy!