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BROOKS 24PDR with Ship's Carriage by ZULU

We can now offer our 24PDR mounted on the beautifully crafted ship's carriage by

wood artist Michael Elledge, aka ZULU (see credits below).  This solid oak  carriage  

replica models a typical  British four wheel carriage used on board ships in the 18th

and 19th centuries.  Recoil and repositioning was controlled with ropes and blocks

secured to a bulkhead wall.    The cannon shot from a gun port and supported a

wide range of cannon barrels.  Carriage utilizes a threaded leveling screw

for vertical barrel alignment. Barrel is the Brooks 24PDR with one inch bore,

machined of 3" diameter solid brass stock and  known as the Brooks Golden

Gun. This cannon is IN STOCK, ready to ship!   $1150.00 plus $40 for insured

shipping within the continental US. 

BROOKS 24PDR with Garrison Carriage by ZULU
BROOKS 24PDR with Garrison Carriage by ZULU

The Garrison carriage is patterned after a French fortress carriage of the late 17th

century. It was manned behind low walls and defended against attackers with great

success. Carriage utilizes a wooden "wedge" or "quoin" for vertical barrel alignment. 

This outstanding combination Garrison carriage by Michael Elledge and Brooks 24PDR

 as described above. Available by special order . . . . .$1150.00 plus $40 Insured shipping

within the continental US. 

Artistic credit to Michael Elledge for creation of replica carriages represented in the
photos above.  To view more of his outstanding work, visit: