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Dictator / Seige Black Powder Mortar

BROOKS Dictator Mortar .50

50 caliber DICTATOR MOTAR Barrel


62 caliber, DICTATOR MORTAR Barrel

50 caliber, DICTATOR MOTAR barrel, beautifully proportioned, precision turned from 1 1/2" solid brass rod. OAL approx 2 1/2"; barrel is fully bored; complete with 1/2" interference fit trunions.
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62 caliber, DICTATOR MORTAR barrel, beautifully turned from 2" solid brass rod; OAL approx 3 1/4"; complete with 5/8" trunions. Fully bored, ready to mount on your carriage/skid. 
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The Super X Dictator/Seige Mortar

Beautiful and Massive! Solid brass Dictator Mortar precision turned from 2 3/4" stock, 1" bore. Google Dictator Mortar for some interesting entertainment regarding its history!
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Our Super X Dictator/Seige Mortar, precision turned from 2 3/4" stock with 1" bore, is approx 7 3/4" long. Trunnions 15/16" dia. This solid brass beauty will speak! 
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