BROOKS 24 PDR Black Powder Cannon Barrel  

        An exquisite replica cannon barrel, a real performer.

BROOKS    24 pdr

Awesome 69 caliber, solid brass 24PDR Cannon Barrel is built to 1/12th scale, replicating the original Civil War era Black Powder Signal Cannon Barrel. OAL approximately 12 1/4″.  Breech is a full 2 1/4″ diameter;  weighs almost 8 pounds with 3/4″ trunnions. 

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#0541 (69 caliber) ……….$350.00



Our beautiful 24PDR Cannon Barrel with 1″ bore. OAL approximately 13″; breech is a full 3″ diameter, weighs in at approximately 16 1/2 pounds.  The  1 1/4″ diameter trunnions reduce to 1″ Ready for you to mount on your own carriage (or ask us about our utility carriage options).

These barrels are individually machined and hand stamped with serial number.  

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#0546  (1″ Bore)  ……… $525.00




BROOKS 24PDR Black Powder Cannon Barrel