1841  6 pounder black powder cannon barrel replica

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This 1/4” scale replica, 1841 6 pounder barrel, beautifully machined from solid brass, boasts a full 3″ diameter at its breech, an impressive 18″ OAL.  The 1” bore is reamed to 1.032, allowing for proper windage with 1″ balls that are readily available and inexpensive to purchase.  Fuse hole is drilled to .140 to accommodate commonly available 1/8″ visco safety fuse.  This barrel was built for a custom cannon project, a repeat customer who was unable to complete the sale.  It is now available bearing our prized #001 serial number. 

Barrel is mounted on an attractive and sturdy, custom oak carriage, sporting solid brass hardware. Approximate cannon specs:  24″ OAL, 14″ wide, 45 pounds.  

This is a one-time offering. 


1841-6 PDR BROOKS #001 Black Powder Cannon Barrel

                            complete with carriage as shown  ……………..1,800.00  

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BROOKS-USA Black Powder 1841 6PDR Cannon Replica


BROOKS-USA #001 6PDR 1841 Replica Cannon


Historical notation says that, although of conventional design of the times, the 1841 6 PDR designed by the US Army Ordnance Department, offered the upgrade from previous iron barrels by presenting an all brass, smooth bore barrel. This barrel was was utilized during the Mexican-American War (1845-1848) and continued being produced by both the North and South during the Civil War (1861-1865).


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